Environment Sustainability Values

We utilize integrated design approach involve all projects participant from the start of design; provide best opportunity to achieve green design goals. We strive for demonstration, quantifiable results using latest tools such as building information. Modeling daylight, energy modeling and life cycle cost analysis. We also engaged in ongoing efforts to track energy usage of our finished projects.

Our current commitment to LEED as sustainability metric is transitional step. We believe that there are greater sustainable designs sensitive and expertise on the horizon to be sought out, embraced by our profession, and diligently mastered. All of us at GGDS posses this personal aspiration to access nothing less than truly sustainable restoration designs.

The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, LEED® Green Building Rating System™ is voluntary, conscious-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. For architecture with High Environment Value, using nature as a means of achieving this

Over past few years idea of sustainable development has become permanent part of our thoughts, and now it has become reality through new approaches architectural conception and construction.